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Hey there! Thank you for getting to know me a little better

I'm a designer from Córdoba, Argentina. I graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a degree in Industrial Design, as well as taking numerous courses in fashion and furniture design.

In 2019, I decided to expand my knowledge and immerse myself in the exciting world of IT. I took courses in UX/UI design and full-stack development, which gave me a deeper understanding of technology and development.

When I design, I think about the impact on people's lives and the planet while creating engaging and user-friendly experiences. I'm passionate about using intuitive interfaces and gamification to make interactions more enjoyable and intuitive, while also prioritizing accessibility for all users.

While I'd like to work for a big company or a start-up, I am open to freelance work if the project interests me.

I'm constantly learning and growing as a designer, and you can see my full background and experience in my downloadable resume below.

Download my resume