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E-nterpreters is a platform that enables communication between hearing and deaf gamers. It is artificial intelligence that aims to make gaming a more inclusive space. Initially, it created bots that translate Discord conversations into sign language in real time, allowing deaf individuals to understand their friends.The proposed improvement seeks to complete the communication circle between deaf and hearing individuals. To achieve this, we redesigned our artificial intelligence. Now, it not only translates everything heard in Discord, but also translates lips in real time using facial recognition for deaf gamers.

This video shows more about the platform

Company: Cirsys tech - (Perú)
Business type: Communication platform between hearing and deaf gamers, integrated with Discord
Project type: The computer's menu for configuration and interaction. 2 weeks (2022)
Role: UX UI Designer

My design process

It was a short project in which I tried to organize and hierarchize the necessary information to show the user. To keep with the same design line and to allow the user to interact intuitively, the research basically followed popular video game menu patterns.


The users

This development is designed for all deaf gamers who have a PC and are active Discord users. Currently E-nterpreters only recognizes the Spanish language.The age range usually starts at 12 years of age and older.Games are a place they can relax, but they'd like to integrate more and be able to communicate more fluently with the community.

girls playing


Design Hypothesis

This new menu will allow users to intuitively find the configuration options to customize their avatar and interact with other gamers.

girl playing


Barbara is a deaf player who plays daily to relax but is often frustrated that she cannot participate in online conversations with other players. Barbara needs an app that allows her to easily communicate with her mouth movement to translate her words. She also needs to easily configure her preferences.

"They told me I didn't belong because I was so different and didn't know how to communicate."


Information Architecture



How's it gonna work? :  Wireframes


UI - Styleguide:

The UI component kit was designed based on the previously created brand identity.

ui styleguideui styleguide

Take a look at some of the key interactions

enterpreters pc Click here
to check the prototype


Personally I love projects with social and environmental impact and although it was a small proposal I liked the opportunity to venture into the universe of video games. This proposal was well received by the client and has the potential to grow as the menu will be launched shortly.

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